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3 canoe families from the Sunshine Coast participated in 2011 PULLING TOGETHER on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This annual event involves approximately 20 canoe families, or 300 participants, and community members en route. Pulling Together is a unique opportunity for the RCMP, First Nations People, Youth, and other government agencies to work together and build relations. Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope to update the blog regularly until we meet again in Pulling Together 2012. All my relations.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Special Relationships - Margaret

On this Pulling Together Journey, I will remember Margaret.  This is one amazing young woman.  When we first met, I was intrigued most by her fabulous laugh and by her great geometric haircut.  Wondering about her cut and her stylist actually started one of our first conversations, funnily enough.  It turned out to be a ‘lead in’ to discovering a great deal about this young, sensitive, thoughtful, growing person.  On our first staging day, she, Kristy and I went exploring our area of Tofino and found delicious – and hot! Roibois tea (Lovely hot cup of tea!  What a gift!) At the coffee shop, we also were given a map (with instructions from the friendly barrista) that led us to explore behind our campsite to an almost hidden beach path.  We followed the path and then headed down steep stairs to discover this gorgeous stretch of white beach, big rock formations and expanse of water that seemed simply majestic in the setting sun. All three of us just stood and took it all in, each in our own thoughts before heading back up. 

As I spent more time with Margaret, I realized that she was on her own personal journey as well.  I watched her grow and blossom during the 10 days with all participants, from fairly reserved to totally involved.  Margaret still sat quietly at times, just making her dreamcatchers, but she also joined others in the ‘gift-making circles’ that occurred more often as we had more free time.  In addition, her lovely singing voice grew in strength and confidence as our Sunshine Coast Family sang and drummed songs together under our tent.  I was honoured to be present as she shared many incidents from both her past and present that were shaping and defining decisions about her life path.  She reclaimed her education goal while on this Pulling Together Journey.  I know Margaret will do well on her continuing journey.  She is a strong youth leader. I thank her for our time together.

Submitted by Tamara Forsyth


  1. I thank you Tammy and all the folks on this journey.. I gotta say, as a canoe journey veteran (not inclusive to pulling together) I have never encountered the multiple loving gestures from others before.What a gift that the creator and our ancestors brought to us all. ulnumshchewx chalap

  2. It's true, YOU'RE THE BOMB!! Good luck at school! I miss you already!!

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