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3 canoe families from the Sunshine Coast participated in 2011 PULLING TOGETHER on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This annual event involves approximately 20 canoe families, or 300 participants, and community members en route. Pulling Together is a unique opportunity for the RCMP, First Nations People, Youth, and other government agencies to work together and build relations. Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope to update the blog regularly until we meet again in Pulling Together 2012. All my relations.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

In the Bow

SCPT Family Circle Discussion
This is Ingrid.
This is Ingrid.  She is one of the bow's women of the SD46 canoe.  I would consider her to be the Dr.Phil of the SD46 Canoe.  Ingrid is extremely organized, orderly, and disciplined.  She LOVES paddling... and this is an understatement.  What I love about Ingrid is her "tell it like it is" approach to people and situations.  There is no fooling around with Ingrid, but she loves to have fun and eat red licorice.  I have a deep respect for her honesty and her practical approach.  She is a highly skilled paddler and has a huge desire to keep the crew safe.  Thank you Ingrid for your expertise and wisdom.  As much as she would hate to know that her picture has been posted on the blog, I would like to conclude with a Top 10 list of Queen songs that her man gave her as a small gift for the Journey.  He presented her with 10 envelopes to open one per day containing quotes, quips, and favorite songs from Ingrid's favorite band.  Quotes and quips were posted on Twitter @PullingTogether.  Listed below is the Top 10 Queen songs as they relate to Pulling Together.  Thank you Ingrid for sharing your story.

Day 1: These Are the Days of Our Lives
Day 2: You're My Best Friend
Day 3: We are the Champions
Day 4: Pain is So Close to Pleasure
Day 5: Another One Bites the Dust
Day 6: Keep Yourself Alive
Day 7: A Kind of Magic
Day 8: Now I'm Here
Day 9: Under Pressure
Day 10: Staying Power

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