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3 canoe families from the Sunshine Coast participated in 2011 PULLING TOGETHER on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. This annual event involves approximately 20 canoe families, or 300 participants, and community members en route. Pulling Together is a unique opportunity for the RCMP, First Nations People, Youth, and other government agencies to work together and build relations. Thank you for visiting our blog. We hope to update the blog regularly until we meet again in Pulling Together 2012. All my relations.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Big B

The Engine Room
This is Bradyn.

This is Bradyn.  Bradyn is another youth part of the 2011 Pulling Together Journey.  I have fond memories of Bradyn.  He is a soft spoken one... unassuming... but always willing to help.  Braden paddled with the SD46 Canoe and he made up half of the "engine room."  The engine room of the SD46 canoe is exactly how it sounds... He is all POWER.  You would not suspect this from this 6 foot plus youth, but his contribution as a puller was phenomenal.  How do I know this?  In Bamfield, 4 members from the SD46 canoe was asked to help out the skipper from the Dancing Serpent.  The Dancing Serpent was the last canoe to be transported by barge and needed a crew to bring her to shore.  Bradyn, Josh, Signy, and myself were asked to help out.  It was an amazing experience and Bradyn set the pace.  He had certainly impressed the skipper of the Dancing Serpent.  He definitely impressed me.  Bradyn practically pulled the entire canoe and the rest of us were ornaments.  Well, we did help but truthfully... I barely managed to keep up with the pace.  Way to go Bradyn.  Aside from mishearing Bradyn from time to time (sorry, my bad), Bradyn was a welcomed addition to the SD 46 canoe and the Sunshine Coast Pulling Together family.  Love you Big B.


  1. This is wonderful to hear and it made me giggle actually. Good stuff on here for sure!

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